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Packing Boxes Melbourne

Pack and Move Boxes is a premier supplier of Packing Boxes Melbourne wide.

We have a large range of Packing Boxes available and are confident one of our Packing Boxes will suit your requirements. You can purchase them as a package or if you prefer you can purchase them individually. No matter what you are packing we will be able to provide a Packing Box for you. If you are unsure on what you need feel free to contact us with your query and we will gladly assist in finding a solution. If you need Packing Boxes we deliver Packing Boxes Melbourne wide. 

Shipping Boxes

Shipping Boxes to get your products from A to B. It doesn’t matter what you send or where you send it, you are going to need a high quality durable grade shipping box. There are many different types of Shipping Boxes available. If you are unsure of what you require we can assist you in identifying the correct Shipping Box and ensure your products are protected and arrive at their destination safe and sound. You may want to browse our range of accessories that we provide to assist in protecting your products.We sell Bubble Wrap, Stretch Wrap and Butchers Paper which can all help in protecting your valuables while inside one of our sturdy Shipping Boxes.

You can select from one of our packages of Shipping Boxes available or you can choose your own Shipping Box configuration by purchasing individual Shipping Boxes.

Cardboard Boxes for Moving

Cardboard boxes for moving serve relocation needs whether you are moving home, office or factory.

Pack and Move is the best place to find all your cardboard box and accessory requirements. We can provide a package to suit all sizes of properties or you can choose your own package and purchase individual cardboard boxes for moving and accessories. While you focus on preparing for your move, you can purchase your cardboard boxes for moving from us online, along with any accessories and they will arrive at your door so you can get on with the bust task of moving.

Boxes for Moving House

Boxes for moving house is an essential part in the moving process. Pack and Move Boxes is here to eliminate the hassle of trying to organise your own moving boxes by providing a convenient way to ensure you have exactly what you need. Ranging from 1-2 Bedrooms, all the way to 4 plus, we are confident you will find a package that suits the size of your home.If there are any extra requirements, simply add individual boxes to create the perfect package for you. If you require any additional extras, we also offer accessories such as markers, packing tape, butchers paper and bubble wrap.

While you are busy preparing for your move, we will organise a timely delivery, right to your door so you are ready to pack when the time comes. When it comes to boxes for moving house, look no further than Pack and Move Boxes.

Why Choose Us

Fast Delivery

All order despatched within 24 hours of order receipt

Lowest Price

Best value packages in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane

100% Recyclable

High quality eco friendly products


Shipping costs typically between $20 - $60 nationally

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