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About Us

Pack and Move Boxes

We are a company committed to providing you with the moving boxes, packing boxes, removal boxes or any other type of carton and accessories required to assist in moving house, moving flat, moving apartment or moving factory.

Moving house can be a stressful time, we take some of that stress away by making moving house or moving apartment easy by being able to order your moving boxes / packing boxes online and we will deliver to your door within 24 – 48 hours of order placement – what could be easier ????

We will happily provide any accessories you may require to protect your products while moving house ie: Bubble wrap, tape, texters etc…. These can also be ordered online and will be delivered along with your moving boxes / packing boxes.

Please select the package you are interested in or build your own package, proceed to checkout and then wait for your moving boxes / packing boxes to arrive at your door step.

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