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Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes are an exceptional way to store your belongings when moving house, office or factory. Pack and Move Boxes are specialists in providing all of Victoria with high quality, 100% recyclable cardboard boxes shipped within 24 hours of orders being processed. Cardboard boxes come in a variety of different sizes to suit whatever you need to pack. Browse our selected cardboard boxes packages to suit the size of the house, office or factory you are packing. If you require additional cardboard boxes, we also offer individual cardboard boxes. When considering your cardboard box needs, think Pack and Move Boxes.

Cardboard Boxes for Moving House

Cardboard boxes for moving house are considered a staple in the moving process. Pack and Move Boxes offers high quality cardboard boxes statewide in Victoria. Operating nationally, we are able to ensure any person moving their house, office or factory has access to the packaging needs they require. When considering the cardboard boxes your house move needs, we offer highly affordable pricing and backed by our promise for orders to be shipped within 24 hours of orders being processed. Creating our cardboard boxes for moving home with high quality cardboard and having it be 100% recyclable, it is easy to see why Pack and Move Boxes are a national leader. Our cardboard boxes come in many sizes to suit any move on any scale. Whether it be 1-2 bedrooms, all the way to 4 plus, we are able to build a package to suit you. Compliment your package with some accessories such as butchers paper, bubble wrap, tape dispensers and markers and you will find the packing process flows much smoother. When choosing to move house, choose Pack and Move Boxes.

1-2 Bedroom Home
1-2 Bedroom Home
Package cost $40.00
  • 5 x AA4 Boxes
  • 10 x B&W Boxes
  • 5 x Tea Chest Boxes

2-3 Bedroom Home
2-3 Bedroom Home
Package cost $65.00
  • 10 x AA4 Boxes
  • 10 x B&W Boxes
  • 10 x Tea Chest Boxes

3-4 Bedroom Home
3-4 Bedroom Home
Package cost $120.00
  • 15 x AA4 Boxes
  • 20 x B&W Boxes
  • 20 x Tea Chest Boxes
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