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Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are integral when relocating your house, office or factory. Pack and Move Boxes provides all of Victoria with a simple and efficient way to organise all of your moving boxes conveniently. No matter what you are packing, large or small, we are confident your requirements will be met by our range of moving boxes packages. Our moving boxes are high quality and 100% recyclable, ensuring that Victoria is provided with only the best moving boxes. Our plant is located just outside of Melbourne, ensuring we keep our promise to deliver within 24 hours of processing your order. 

Boxes for Moving House

Boxes for moving house are a hassle to organise at the best of times. Pack and Move Boxes is here to provide you with a convenient, one stop shop for all of your boxes for moving house. Browse our store to match the size of your home with our selection of packages ranging from 1-2 bedrooms, all the way to 4 plus. After selecting one of our packages, our accessories or additional individual boxes are a great way to compliment your boxes for moving house. You can purchase additional individual boxes to meet any extra requirements you may have. You can also purchase accessories such as bubble wrap, stretch wrap, tape, texters and butcher’s paper to help protect your valuables during the move. When looking for boxes for moving house, Pack and Move Boxes will provide you with high quality, 100% recyclable boxes delivered to your door. We remove the stress of finding packing materials so you are free to focus on the important task of moving into your property.

1-2 Bedroom Home
1-2 Bedroom Home
Package cost $40.00
  • 5 x AA4 Boxes
  • 10 x B&W Boxes
  • 5 x Tea Chest Boxes

2-3 Bedroom Home
2-3 Bedroom Home
Package cost $65.00
  • 10 x AA4 Boxes
  • 10 x B&W Boxes
  • 10 x Tea Chest Boxes

3-4 Bedroom Home
3-4 Bedroom Home
Package cost $120.00
  • 15 x AA4 Boxes
  • 20 x B&W Boxes
  • 20 x Tea Chest Boxes
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