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Packing Boxes

Packing boxes are integral when relocating your house, office or factory. Pack and Move Boxes provides all of Victoria with a simple and efficient way to organise all of your packing boxes conveniently. No matter what you are packing, large or small, we are confident your requirements will be met by our range of packing boxes. Our packing boxes are high quality and 100% recyclable, ensuring that Victoria is provided with only the best packing boxes.

Packing Boxes for Moving House

Packing boxes for moving house has never been easier than with Pack and Move Boxes. We have sorted our range of packing boxes for moving house into a variety of packages which are created to suit any sized property. A young couple moving into their first home or a large family relocating, we have a package to suit any given situation. Our individual packing boxes come in 3 different sizes to ensure you have all sizes necessary to suit all of your packaging needs. If you find that you need more packing boxes for moving house, individual boxes are also available in addition to accessories to include in your chosen package. Our packing boxes for moving house are made from a high quality board grade and are 100% recyclable. Pack and Move Boxes operate right here in Melbourne and because of this we are able to offer affordable pricing as well as prompt delivery. Orders placed with us are shipped within 24 hours of your order being processed. Pack and Move Boxes take the trouble out of moving houses by providing all of Victoria with affordable, durable and 100% recyclable packing boxes for moving house.

1-2 Bedroom Home
1-2 Bedroom Home
Package cost $40.00
  • 5 x AA4 Boxes
  • 10 x B&W Boxes
  • 5 x Tea Chest Boxes

2-3 Bedroom Home
2-3 Bedroom Home
Package cost $65.00
  • 10 x AA4 Boxes
  • 10 x B&W Boxes
  • 10 x Tea Chest Boxes

3-4 Bedroom Home
3-4 Bedroom Home
Package cost $120.00
  • 15 x AA4 Boxes
  • 20 x B&W Boxes
  • 20 x Tea Chest Boxes
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