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Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes are integral when delivering packages. Pack and Move Boxes provides all of Victoria with a simple yet efficient way to organise all of your shipping boxes conveniently. No matter what you are shipping, large or small, we are confident your requirements will be met by our range of shipping boxes. Our shipping boxes are high quality and 100% recyclable, ensuring that Victoria is provided with only the best shipping boxes.

Shipping Boxes for Moving House

Shipping Boxes for moving house can be easily organised using Pack and Move Boxes. Your belongings can be easily damaged during the moving process, this can be avoided by using a durable board grade shipping box. Operating right here in Melbourne we offer the highest quality, 100% recyclable shipping boxes for moving house. Browse our store to find an assortment of packages we have created, built to perfection to suit any sized move. If you prefer, you can order individual boxes, creating your own unique package. We are confident that no matter what you are packing, we will have a carton for you. If at any point you are uncertain of the shipping box you need, we are happy to assist you to ensure your belongings arrive safely. In addition to creating your own package, you can also include a wide range of packing accessories. This includes: markers, tape dispensers, packing tape, bubble wrap and butchers paper. We believe that by mixing our packages with your selected accessories will ensure the safety of what you are packing. Order today and we can guarantee your goods will be shipped within 24 hours of processing your order. 

1-2 Bedroom Home
1-2 Bedroom Home
Package cost $40.00
  • 5 x AA4 Boxes
  • 10 x B&W Boxes
  • 5 x Tea Chest Boxes

2-3 Bedroom Home
2-3 Bedroom Home
Package cost $65.00
  • 10 x AA4 Boxes
  • 10 x B&W Boxes
  • 10 x Tea Chest Boxes

3-4 Bedroom Home
3-4 Bedroom Home
Package cost $120.00
  • 15 x AA4 Boxes
  • 20 x B&W Boxes
  • 20 x Tea Chest Boxes
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